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October 7, 2017 - October 7, 2017

The Labyrinth: A Walking Meditation


A centuries old archetypal pattern, the labyrinth is a meditative tool that offers healing and transformation within its path toward integration and wholeness. Unlike a maze which is designed to block the way and cause confusion, the labyrinth has a single, circuitous path that leads to the center and back out. A metaphor for life and the spiritual journey, it is full of twists and turns as it, time after time, winds its way close to the middle before returning to the outer perimeter. Come walk the labyrinth in its beautiful St. Mary’s Sewanee setting and enjoy contemplative movement that destresses the mind, relaxes the body and activates the heart. All that is needed is a willingness to experience the experience while allowing the labyrinth to lead you into the Center of Being. The workshop will include a discussion of the origin and history of the labyrinth, along with suggested ways to enrich your Walk. There will be ample time for reflection and journaling.

Margy Oehmig received her Veriditas training as a labyrinth facilitator at Chartres Cathedral under the tutelage of Lauren Artress, author of Walking a Sacred Path.  She has long been drawn to the labyrinth as a contemplative tool and uses it in combination with her Centering Prayer practice to quiet the mind, still the body and listen to the quiet Voice within. Having an MFA in Art History, she has held various professional and volunteer positions in the fields of art and education in Chattanooga, TN. Currently, she is following her heart’s desire to share labyrinth’s sacred energy with others.


Lunch Included

When: Saturday 09:00 am - Saturday 03:00 pm
Fee: Commuter: $60.00 (Single)

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