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June 15, 2018 - June 17, 2018

One River Wisdom Retreat

Holy Rascals Revival: "Religion is too important to be left in the hands of the serious."

Religiosity is the innate and never-ending human quest for meaning rooted in our experience of the divine. Religion is the product of that quest. Religiosity is playful, creative, dynamic, and forever surpassing its own understanding of life and how to live it well. Religion is serious, fixed, and forever defending ancient understandings that no longer serve contemporary human needs. Religiosity is universal, seeing the teachings, symbols, rituals, and myths of the world's religions as universal archetypes and metaphors pointing beyond themselves toward the unknown and ineffable. Religion is tribal, with each religion seeing its teachings, symbols, rituals, and myths as facts pointing toward itself. Religions come and go. Religiosity is forever.

Holy Rascals Revival is a weekend playshop reclaiming the power of religious teachings, symbols, rituals, and myths, and freeing them from the prison of fact that they might once again point us beyond ourselves toward Truth. Based on Rabbi Rami's book Holy Rascals: Advice to Spiritual Revolutionaries, we will learn the tools of spiritual culture jamming, and master the art and joy of holy rascality. 

When: Friday 05:00 pm - Sunday 11:00 am
Fee: St. Mary's Hall: $365.00 (Single), The Anna House: $465.00 (Single), Commuter: $265.00 (Single)

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