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November 30, 2018 - December 2, 2018

One River Wisdom Retreat

Aging Body, Ageless Soul: Journeying from Aging to Saging

"Aging is an activity. It is something you do, not something that happens. Like a fine wine, if you really age you become better, more soul--full; you age into the wisdom of the whole and the holy. In a sense, your very purpose in life is to age, to become what you are; to unfold and let your inborn nature be revealed," (Thomas Moore, Ageless Soul, adapted). 

In this exploration of time and timelessness, we invite you to peer beneath the surface of physical aging and into the timeless soul that is your truest nature. Based on the work of Thomas Moore (Ageless Soul) and Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (From Age-ing to Sage-ing), you will learn how to take the path of the elders, the wisdomkeepers who come to terms with their mortality, harvest the wisdom of their years, and transmit a legacy to future generations. With the aid of gerontologist Dr. Mia Rosenfeld, Gordon and Rami will help you build a toolbox of eldering technologies that allow us to shift from complaining about the breakdown of our bodies to complying with the breakthrough of our souls. 

When: Friday 05:00 pm - Sunday 11:00 am
Fee: St. Mary's Hall: $365.00 (Single), The Anna House: $465.00 (Single), Commuter: $265.00 (Single)

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