Kabir Helminski

Water says to the dirty, “Come here.”
The dirty one says, “I am so ashamed.”
Water says, 
“How will your shame be washed away without me.”
[Rumi, Mathnawi, II, 1366-7]
Human beings have an innate need to be in communion and communication with something of the utmost value and beauty, and to express themselves in loving respect and even awe. 
The One Being is not outside ourselves, nor separate from anyone. Absolute Being allowed the way for the coming into existence of everything. This Being is present within us as a non-dimensional point; the Divine Being is tangibly present within us. To understand this we must first create an inner vacuum, free of the pressures of conventional beliefs, free of personal compulsions, free of duality and separation. We must create a pure vacuum in order to realize the within-ness of the One. In worship we allow ourselves to be harmonized and transformed by the power of Being. 
Two qualities that are said to be necessary to worship and prayer are recollection and humility. 
We begin by recollecting ourselves and asking something of this non-dimensional point that is our contact with Spirit. We gather the whole of ourselves into a single sincere act, calling upon this slumbering spiritual essence within us in order that it may be activated and respond. Individual spirit can make contact with greater Spirit dormant within us. 
With humility, which is the awareness of our dependence on the One, we will be opened to a spiritual inflow. Our own self will become transparent to the light that is meant to shine through and from us. Humility allows the annihilation of what is less real about us and the reflection of what is more real. Through worship in loving attunement, we better reflect Spirit. We can learn to do it more and more at will. 
We come face to face with Love as we gather in Its name. Love is the electromagnetic field, the milieu in which we all exist. Together we can join our hearts to this field. We elevate ourselves through the spiritual energy accumulated by the individuals together, gathering ourselves, remembering our true dependence on the One. What we need to experience is within, if we are free of the obstructing ego. Only the ego can separate us from the One. We can enter the “Garden,” the “Kingdom of Heaven” by arriving at the simplicity of a child. Our egos can be transformed into servants and procure for us our passport to Infinite Life.
Kabir Helminski is an internationally respected author and teacher of Sufism in the tradition of Rumi.