Once You Arrive

Check In and Check Out

Guests may check in after 4 p.m. Central time and must check out by 11 a.m. Central time.

If you are arriving after regular hours, check in information will be posted in the lobby of St. Mary’s Hall. If you are departing outside regular hours, keys may be dropped in the express check out box in lobby of St. Mary’s Hall.

A building entry code for St. Mary's Hall will be provided upon return or if you are late and have let us know. Otherwise, you will need to call for the code. 


St. Mary’s offers coffee, tea, and ice at all times in the lobby and in the McRae Room for Anna House guests. Local phone calls may be placed using our courtesy phone on the second floor of St. Mary’s Hall. Phone messages for guests can be found on the guest information bulletin in the St. Mary’s Hall lobby. Wireless Internet is also available in the lobby. Please notify any staff member if you have specific hospitality needs or requests.