Emily Wallace

Food Service Director

Emily joined the St. Mary’s Sewanee staff in July 2013. She wanted to work here, she says, because of the serene atmosphere, the guests who she serves, and the freedom she has to create beautiful, delicious meals.

Redefining the “retreat meal” is Emily’s greatest accomplishment. When she first arrived, the meals were served cafeteria style and guests took the plate that was prepared for them. “Now you come in and choose how to create your plate,” she says. Guests feel good because they can decide what they want and they enjoy it more.

She believes that when guests come to St Mary’s Sewanee, they not only energize their mind and spirit through the programs, but by receiving healthy meals they energize their body and soul.

“Learning and practicing living a life of gratitude is the deepest form of spirituality I have: finding my grounding and being at peace with all that comes my way,” Emily says.