Mary Beth Best, Reservations & Program Manager

Reservations & Program Manager Mary Beth Best brings many years of experience working with the public, especially in retreat settings, to her work at St. Mary’s Sewanee, which she began in May 2018. Before joining the staff, she attended Centering Prayer groups at St. Mary’s Sewanee, walked its labyrinth, and explored its hiking trails.

She said she most enjoys meeting and coming to know the guests, learning why they are visiting St. Mary’s Sewanee.  “Many people arrive uncertain or stressed, but they leave with renewed spirits that shows on their countenance. It is a joy to witness this transformation!”

Mary Beth, who has owned and operated a spiritual retreat center, is an avid reader and an amateur writer. She loves the outdoors and has hiked on this mountain most of her life. Her most precious moments are spending time with my family and friends. Spiritually, she describes herself as “a seeker” whose foundational beliefs are rooted in Christianity; she likes to explore and study how others worship and understand God.