Exploring the Imaginal Realm with Dreamwork and SoulCollage® | Mar. 24-26, 2023

Mar 24th, 2023 @ 3:00 PM
- Mar 26th, 2023 @ 11:00 AM

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St. Mary’s Sewanee
770 St. Mary's Lane
Sewanee, TN 37375

“When the Soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”  Meister Eckhart

Dreamwork and the practice of SoulCollage® both share a common goal.  That is, to help us progress on our individual journeys towards wholeness by integrating the unconscious parts of ourselves into consciousness.

SoulCollage® is a creative process of self-discovery that uses imagination, intuition, and images as a pathway to our own inner wisdom. This gentle yet transformative practice is accessible to everyone—even those who feel they have no artistic ability.

Getting started with SoulCollage® is easy and fun. We begin by intuitively choosing images from magazines or similar sources, that we then assemble on to cards. While we may not immediately understand why we are attracted to the images we choose, as we work with them, they begin to reveal their deeper meaning.

In this way, SoulCollage® could be described as a waking dream because cards are constructed in much the same way as the unconscious puts together a dream.  With the analytical mind “asleep”, psyche combines often disparate images in unusual contexts to deliver a unique message that can only be understood through the language of metaphor and symbol.

Making SoulCollage® cards inspired by our dreams is a means of amplification. The process leads us back into the imagery and energy of the dream, turning up the volume so we can hear the more subtle whispers of psyche. By applying techniques of the SoulCollage® method to this work, we can more finely tune into to the deeper wisdom being broadcast from our souls while we sleep.

This retreat is designed so that participants of any level of experience with dreamwork and/or SoulCollage® will be able to jump right in.  No advance preparation is required, for those wishing to learn more about the SoulCollage® method ahead of time, the following resources are a great place to start:

Free Getting Started with SoulCollage® Course: This online course is hosted on the official community website of SoulCollage Inc.  This self-paced course introduces basic and intermediate concepts.

SoulCollage® Evolving Book :  Founder Seena B. Frost’s award-winning book which covers the theoretical basis of SoulCollage®, cardmaking basics, and more advanced topics such as on working with the language of symbols, dreams, and archetypes.

Hanford Mead offers a card making pack good for beginners that includes 12 blank cards, protective sleeves, glue stick, and mini frame.  You can purchase that here: https://hanfordmead.com/product/card-making-supply-pack/


What to Bring: All Card making supplies and images will be provided.  If you do not already keep a dream journal, now is a good time to start.  Record your dreams as often as possible before the retreat and bring your dream journal with you.  We will cover dream journaling tips and techniques at the retreat. For now, it is just important to capture the dream content in whatever way is best for you.

About LeAnne Nesbitt

LeAnne Nesbitt is a writer, spiritual director, workshop facilitator, dream group leader and a SoulCollage®  Facilitator Trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology from Middle Tennessee State University and trained in Spiritual Direction and Dream Work at the Haden Institute in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

LeAnne has worked since 2018 with SoulCollage Inc. as an editor and consultant. She credits the combination of SoulCollage® and dreamwork with helping her navigate a difficult mid-life passage and realize her vocational calling.  In 2020 she completed her career transition, resigning from a corporate job of fifteen years in financial technology management to devote more time to SoulCollage Inc., and build her spiritual direction and dreamwork practice. She is the author of a free e-book entitled Three Ways to Explore Your Dreams with SoulCollage®.  For more information and to download her e-book, visit LeAnne on her website at www.dreamersandmystics.com.

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